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Garf app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 9856 ratings )
Games Family
Developer: Mauvila Software
1.99 USD
Current version: 1.7, last update: 1 month ago
First release : 16 Jul 2008
App size: 19.77 Mb

Exercise your memory--press the buttons in the same sequence as you are shown.

- Three lives each game, allowing you two "do overs" before the game is over
- FOUR levels (new for version 1.6), each with a different theme and difficulty
- High scores listing for each level, allowing you to compare your progress (or decline) over time

Pros and cons of Garf app for iPhone and iPad

Garf app good for

Was free on Installer, yah - but was a whole different game. The graphics and gameplay on this new version are great! You can unlock new levels too, which get harder as you go. Very fun.
It is the perfect version of a memory game on the iPhone. The different levels give it more variety than other versions and it is addicting. The tones are not harsh at all but very audible and the graphic interface of the whole thing is very smooth. I dont use this word lightly, but this is close to perfection for the type of game it is. Very very worth every penny.
Finally, something worth downloading and affordable too! I would recommend this game to anyone looking to put some fun apps on their iPhone!
excersises your memory by a very simple repeat pattern. very fun. Recommended
This is a fun update to the the app that has been around for some time. I really wish people would review these great little applications for what they are here in the App Store, and quit comparing them to the jailbroken versions. This is the same developer, and they have every right to take their work and do what they wish with it. It is fun, well thought out, and a joy to play. Review this application or stay home.
This is one of my most used applications that I have purchased from the App store. I had the free one from Installer, and this one is so so so much better. It has way better looks, 3 cool levels, and great new features. I really enjoy this game. It was definitely worth 1.99. However, I think it would be great to see more than 3 different levels. Or the ability to have some different skins. Great work guys.

Some bad moments

Doesnt run, just crashes when I try to play. Please fix the bugs!
I tap the icon on my touch and the app opens then closes. I have tried it many times and it does not work. So maybe it is an ipod touch thing since others say it works fine on the iphone.
I donwloaded this gmae to my iphone on 9/8/08 and it doesnt work. After I click on the widget it goes back to the home screen.
how do you get the apps to your ipod touch?i go to apps and drag it to my device but it doesnt download... HELP!!!
I got this game and it was excellent! But it strains my ears to hear the yellow and blue. But other than that, its worth your money.